Neue Spiegel-Universum Bücher in 2007.

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Neue Spiegel-Universum Bücher in 2007.

13.07.2006, 14:37

In 2007 kommen zwei neue Star Trek Spiegel-Universum Bücher. ... erse.shtml

Book One: Glass Empires, features an Enterprise tale by Mike Sussman (Enterprise writer-producer, "In a Mirror Darkly"; "Kir´Shara"; "Twilight"), with Ward and Kevin Dilmore (A Time to Sow; A Time to Harvest; S.C.E.: Foundations; Vanguard: Summon the Thunder), a classic Star Trek tale by David Mack (A Time to Kill; A Time to Heal; Vanguard: Harbinger; DS9: Warpath) and a Next Generation tale by Greg Cox (TOS: Eugenics Wars; TOS: To Reign in Hell; TOS: Assignment: Eternity; TNG: The Q Continuum).

Book Two: Obsidian Alliances, features a New Frontier tale by Peter David (New Frontier; TNG: Imzadi; TNG: Vendetta; DS9: The Siege), a Voyager tale by DeCandido (A Time for War, A Time for Peace; Articles of the Federation; I.K.S. Gorkon; The Lost Era: The Art of the Impossible) and a Deep Space Nine tale by new author Sarah Shaw.
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